Achieve fluency in Spanish, this is your starting point!

To become fluent in Spanish is just a matter of time and we can certainly help you to make it possible! We are Juan and Daniel, two Spanish native teachers  from Spain in service non-stop since 2002 and 2013 respectively! 

We both have a university degree to teach Spanish as a second language, thus we are two highly experienced Spanish senior teachers! Apart of this, we just love teaching Spanish and we have helped thousands of students to be fluent in Spanish.  Please, read our top-ranking reviews from former and current students and become our next online student!

In Spanish, we say, “Experience is a degree!” and this for sure is very helpful at the time of teaching and learning. As a result, you will benefit not only of an effective learning, but also of a good language coaching to learn how to speak Spanish fluently.

Whatever your goals are (education, living and working in Spain or just to talk with people) or wherever you are (in Spain or abroad) we can arrange bespoke Spanish lessons online ,one-to-one or twosome (or more participants) Spanish lessons via Skype.

 Our Spanish online lessons!

One-to-one Spanish lessons

One-to-One lessons

Learn Spanish at your pace with bespoke online private Spanish tutions  according to your needs, level and goals!


Semi private Online Spanish lessons

Semi-private lessons

For friends, work colleagues, couples, etc. who have the same level of language and share the same session at a reduced price!

DELE or SIELE Online lessons

DELE or SIELE preparation

Are you looking for a SIELE or DELE online preparation? We can help you to pass your exam with the best possible results!

Learn Spanish to change your life!

To achieve fluency in Spanish is indeed a great adventure! Our students join our lessons to learn Spanish for different reasons, mostly to live in Spain independently or as a preparation to live in Spain.

Gaining the necessary fluency in the Spanish language can be also an in immensely gratifying journey, however getting the necessary skills of the language and its fundamentals is no simple feat.

Whatever your needs or expectations are, we can certainly help you to learn Spanish efficiently. We will support you in every step of the way, so you can gain the necessary confident as to be fluent in Spanish within a reasonable period of time. Are you ready for it?

You will benefit from experienced, professional Spanish teachers who will begin by assessing your need. Consequently, we will tailor your online Spanish lesson to match your level, requirements!

Unlocking Fluency in Spanish: A Journey to Proficiency Learning a new language opens doors to cultural enrichment, improved cognitive skills, and enhanced communication. Spanish, with its rich history and global influence, is a popular choice for language learners. Achieving fluency in Spanish is not merely a task; it's a rewarding journey that requires dedication, practice, and an understanding of the language's nuances.