Our Spanish programmes!

We offer basically three types of Spanish all of them designed to achieve fluency according to your level, needs and goals. During our Online Spanish lessons, you will be able to practise your speaking, reading, writing and learn useful language skills to communicate effectively with Spaniards like your  new friends, neighbours or work colleagues.

Concerning the grammar, we will present clear and simple explanations to acquire or revise the necessary skills to speak Spanish fluenty, whereas you increase your level of confidence. Grammar will be used as a reference for further practise, but never as a goal itself. It is just an important instrument to reach your objective.

In terms of learning new words and improve your fluency in Spanish,  we will always work with "words in context" using good vocabulary exercises and tips for you to remember as many as possible!


Private Spanish tutor
Private Spanish teacher
DELE SIELE exam native teacher

One-to-one lessons

Private online Spanish tution are extremely popular among our students. Your lessons will be designed to meet your needs and goals. For us, as teachers, it is really important to focus on every single aspect of the language, so that you can understand how Spanish works (its grammar, structures, etc.) With an individualized attention, our guidance and a regular feedback, your Spanish level will progress quicker! We have an extense experience teaching all levels, from A1 (beginners) to C1-C2 (advanced and upper-advanced)

Semi-private lessons

This is the perfect programme for a group of friends, couples, work colleagues or acquaintances who have the same/ similar level of Spanish, needs and goals. By sharing your sessions with someone else, you will benefit of a reduced price depending on the number of participants (from 2 up to 6 students max) It is also an ideal Spanish course for schools or university groups who would like to have lessons online with a native Spanish teacher. Sessions will be tailor-made also according to the student´s needs, level and goals.

DELE or SIELE preparation

The DELE or SIELE Spanish diplomas are official exams that accredit your language competence and mastery of the Spanish language. Both are awarded by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Nowadays, these certificates are really popular for visa purposes, as requirement for higher education in Spanish or just as a way to challenge yourself with an official exam! We have plenty of material and mock exams to provide a good language training for you to pass the exam successfully!