Spanish group lessons online 

We run Spanish group lessons from Spain for those who need to learn Spanish for living in Spain or just for any other reason. We are happy to provide good quality lessons at affordable prices, all in a nice teaching environment. We are Juan and Daniel, two Spanish native teachers from Spain with over 21 years of experience teaching Spanish for large groups and individuals. Apart of our extensive knowledge of the Spanish language, we have a large international experience with students from different nationalities, cultures and ages. We also speak different languages that we will use to coach you to learn Spanish more efficiently.

Residents in Spain, teleworkers or just people from abroad who just love the Spanish language are part of our regular students. Our Spanish group lessons are not only cheap, but enjoyable since we will use multiple resources to ensure that you can understand the contents you learn as well as to put them into practise in real life.

As we exclusively offer Spanish classes online for adults, we can offer a environment where you can talk and discuss about relevant topics, which will increase your vocabulary, understanding and, of course, boost your confidence.

Please, have a look into our video to know more about us, our career and experience teaching Spanish.


 Group Spanish lessons online with goals and methodology

Our Spanish online lessons for adults are based on a method that combines grammar, vocabulary building and spontaneous conversation about different topics adapted to your level. Additionally, we will follow an appropriate book according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), as well as our own material (videos, pdf, etc.) Every 2-3 units we will recap with efficient reviewing exercises for you to settle your knowledge with confidence and good understanding.

We will do our best to present the new grammar and vocabulary in context. All in all, we will use our extensive expertise for you to understand better the language and its use.  

Our typical 2-hour sessions consist of homework correction, new grammar/ vocabulary presentation, grammar in use and, when it is needed, listening and pronunciation exercises. Apart from this, conversation will happen thorough the whole session or just during the second part of the lesson, depending on the student’s level and needs.

If you need to see more about the method, please check this video out: 

DELE or SIELE exam sessions to boost your Spanish! 


Are you looking for  professional Online teachers have your SIELE or DELE preparation? We can definitely help you! 

Would you like to learn Spanish Online with gay friendly teachers from Spain? 

Gay-friendly Spanish teachers play a vital role in providing support and guidance to LGBTQ+ students who may be experiencing discrimination, bullying, or identity-related challenges. They create safe spaces within their classrooms where students can express themselves freely, seek advice, and find solidarity with their peers.

Beyond their direct interactions with students, gay-friendly teachers in Spain also contribute to the broader culture of inclusivity within educational institutions. They participate in professional development workshops and trainings focused on LGBTQ+ issues, collaborate with colleagues to promote LGBTQ+ visibility and representation, and advocate for policy changes that prioritize the safety and well-being of LGBTQ+ students and staff.