Spanish lessons online with senior native tutors! 

Online Spanish lessons are just ideal to learn the language from anywhere and they can help immensely to become fluent in Spanish. Wherever you may be, you will be able to learn Spanish. Nowadays, new technologies have made learning—especially of languages—more accessible.

We are Juan and Daniel, two Spanish native teachers originally from Spain, we both have a university degree to teach Spanish as a second language. Apart of our specific education, we have been teaching Spanish non-stop since 2002 and 2013, respectively! After over 21 teaching, we have plenty of experience and skills to teach you effectively.

We started with Online Spanish lessons two years before the pandemic after many years teaching in the most prestigious language schools in Spain. "Experience is a degree!" is a saying that is widely used in Spanish, and this is undoubtedly very beneficial for our students.

It is not just because we say it, we can also prove it with top-ranking Google's reviews from our current and former students. Would you like to join our lessons and became one of our students? Get in touch with us and start the path to get fluent in Spanish with our online lessons.


 Our Spanish online lessons!

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One-to-One lessons

Learn Spanish at your own speed with personalized online private Spanish lessons tailored to your specific requirements, level, and goals!


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Semi-private lessons

For friends, coworkers, couples, and those who have the same level of language and want to share the same session at a discounted fee!

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DELE or SIELE preparation

Are you seeking for online SIELE or DELE exam preparation? We can assist you in achieving the highest possible outcomes on your exam!

Learn Spanish Online to live in Spain!

Are you planning on moving to Spain? If you have already made the decision, to learn Spanish is the key to success. By becoming fluent in Spanish, you will be able to feel more integrated and cherish the Spanish culture and its traditions. 

Being able to speak and communicate in Spanish is undoubtedly an amazing journey! Our students take our Spanish Online classes, mostly to live independently in Spain and to be able to enjoy the culture in full. Our lessons will consist of a range of all skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation) and culture according to your language learning needs.

Acquiring the essential proficiency in Spanish is also a very fulfilling experience, sometimes challenging especially for those who has never studied a language before. 

Nevertheless, we can help you learn Spanish quick, no matter what your goals are. We'll be there for you every step of the way by giving you the confidence, you need to become fluent in Spanish in a fair amount of time. Are you prepared for it?